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giugno 24, 2019 - Toyota

The Development Diary of CUE, the AI Basketball Robot: Second story

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  • CUE was originally developed by #toyota volunteers in their free time as an AI basketball-playing #robot that scores 100 percent of its shots. Now for a limited period until 2020, development of the #robot is officially part of the team's work.
  • For further details, please see the first Development Diary article.
CUE3 Attempts to Set a Guinness World Records!?

In May 2019, a month after the CUE3 was unveiled, the CUE Development Team was presented with a significant opportunity. Guinness World Records had made an offer; the title was "Most consecutive basketball free throws by a humanoid #robot (assisted)". It was an ideal title for a world record―and for the team, the offer held great significance.

In this edition of "The Development Diary of CUE," we take a look at the history of the CUE Project, and go behind the scenes of the team's attempt to set a Guinness World Records.

What is a Guinness World Records?

The majority of readers may have heard of Guinness World Records before. It is an organization that officially gathers and certifies all manner of world records. There are approximately 50,000 applications to attempt to set a world record every year, and Guinness World Records itself also makes inquiries to people, objects, and acts that have the potential to set or become a world record.

In March 2018, when CUE was still being developed voluntarily by #toyota employees in their free time, the then development team had already received an inquiry. At that time, however, after CUE had taken a shot, it took three minutes to prepare the #robot for the next shot; its shots could not therefore be regarded as "consecutive," and the team was also worried about CUE's endurance. For this reason, the team regretfully decided to decline the inquiry.