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luglio 21, 2017 - Starbucks

The story behind Starbucks iconic green apron

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By Heidi Peiper/Starbucks Newsroom

In 75 countries around the world, the green apron is the symbol of #starbucks, signaling a warm welcome and expert coffee craft from the more than 300,000 baristas who wear one each day.

But how did the apron come to be? Why do some baristas wear black aprons? And where in the world do partners wear an orange apron?

The apron was a part of #starbucks from the first day it opened its doors in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971. Its employees wore simple brown grocer’s aprons. It was a practical uniform for these coffee experts, the same shade as the original siren logo and the whole-bean coffee they weighed and scooped each day.

William Stiles was a part-time clerk in #starbucks Capitol Hill store in 1982, arriving just a few months before executive chairman Howard Schultz joined the company.

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