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luglio 11, 2017

He did it! celebrity gardener Danny Clarke completes Hampton Court LIVE Challenge with living vertical garden

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He did it! Celebrity Gardener #dannyclarke completes #hamptoncourtlivechallenge with living vertical garden inspired by Honda’s environmental credentials

Celebrity Gardener #dannyclarke, aka ‘The Black Gardener’, successfully completed Honda’s #hamptoncourtlivechallenge last Tuesday, creating a living vertical garden inspired by the brand’s environmental credentials.

Using a two-tone colour scheme, Danny’s design consisted simply of black grass and red alpine, with the blacks representing polluted air, and the reds, clean air. Responding to Honda’s brief to create an installation based on his interpretation of ‘Engineering for Life’ - Danny summarised his concept as follows:

“Honda is extremely conscious of the environment and is determined to leave a better world for future generations. My garden represents the passage of time and how #honda has influenced the world’s atmosphere in a positive fashion. So the black grass represents the polluted air, and the ‘Honda red’ alpines, which originate in the mountains, the clean air.”

The live challenge, which took place on Honda’s stand at the 2017 RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, saw Danny complete his vertical garden made up of 480 plants, covering more than six square metres, in five hours. His canvas for the day was a wall-mounted display of 60 Vertigarden planters (www.vertigarden.co.uk), in 10 rows of six, each accommodating eight plants. Danny’s creation stayed in place for the duration of the show, with Danny making an appearance on Honda’s stand every day from 2pm-4pm to meet visitors and to talk them through his design.

Danny Clarke comments: “That was tough! I was quite complacent about it when I came into the challenge, but when I saw almost 500 plants and sixty planters piled up I did wonder what I’d let myself in for. It was great fun, and a really nice challenge – something a little bit different. I hope that visitors enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.”

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