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giugno 27, 2017

Take The Galaxy Funded!

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EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – June 27, 2017  - We are thrilled to announce that our sci-fi board game #takethegalaxy has been fully funded on Kickstarter! The total donations came to €11,200 - 155% of our goal. Our first stretch goal was also achieved, meaning that colonist level backers will receive the expanded basic set suitable for up to 4 players! 

Anyone who didn’t pledge will be able to purchase a copy of #takethegalaxy soon from https://www.takethegalaxy.com.  

Thanks again to all our generous backers! Piet & Tim 

View the #kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/catchtimestudio/take-the-galaxy  

About Take the Galaxy
Number of players: 1-4 Time required: 45 minutes Recommended ages: 12+ 

You start off with a frontier colony built on a habitable planet with space for one utility outpost. Before you lie the colonisable systems, unpredictable events and wondrous anomalies of the Space Deck. This is where your strategic decisions begin...  

Will you aim to seize valuable mineral deposits, and use the income from mining operations to finance expensive high value colonies? Or maybe you prefer to focus on science, and the renown from being the first to research the wonders of this new galaxy? You can build space ships to boost your economy, or cut corners and use moral flexibility to gain an advantage - and how will you choose to resolve the events that emerge from the Space Deck? These are all hard choices, but your faction is relying on you! 

When the new galaxy has been fully explored, the renown earned by each player will be calculated. Everything from systems claimed and colonies built to anomalies researched and events dealt with will contribute, and there are many ways to come out on top! 

Take the Galaxy Key Features:  
● Playable solo or with friends: Enthusiastic board gamers will know all too well how it feels to have a long list of games to play and only so many evenings with friends! #takethegalaxy was designed to be 100% playable as a solo experience.
● Distinctive art style: Every card has detailed and colorful artwork, capturing both the glorious and the grim sides of the race to explore new space
● Strategic yet not slow: The cards which are drawn will offer a range of possibilities, and it’s up to you to form a winning plan. Although your options are extensive, the game minimizes bookkeeping and can be played in 45-60 minutes.
● Depth and replayability: The way the game plays is designed to reward smart thinking and an adaptive playstyle above memorizing optimal plays or slavishly following a single strategy for 
the entire game. Every game will call for a different approach. 

For the latest news check our Website, like us on Facebook, find us on Instagram, or follow us on Twitter! 

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