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novembre 16, 2016 - Victory

Tony Carbajal lets rip in the desert on Octane

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Stunt rider #tonycarbajal certainly knows how to get the most out of a #victory motorcycle.

He and his stunt-riding teammate, #joedryden, both rode Octane earlier this year to set a Guinness world record for the longest burnout on Octane. It was Joe who set the record (2,23 miles) but since then Tony has continued to explore the bike’s stunt riding capabilities.

Which is why he’s taken his own Octane off-road to a dry lake bed and created a vlog-style video to showcase what he can do. 

“It was kind of a Mad Max theme,” he explains. “Unleashing some of the Octane’s fury upon the desert.”

Tony’s Octane is standard apart from a Two Brothers Racing Exhaust, a Conquest Customs Attack front brake kit and official #victory adjustable rear shocks. 

Tony adds: “It has been my goal to show what Octane is capable of right out of the box with little to no modifications. Whether it be a Guinness World Record burnout, action packed stunt shows, a cruise through the canyons or racing across and jumping in the desert. Octane is a very capable machine.”

Editors can embed Tony’s Mad Max Edition video from https://youtu.be/mPpTlAx2OFc 

His full unedited vlog is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoImsj7WdFI Follow Tony’s You Tube channel here

The iPhone mount you see is made by RokForm. “They are one of my sponsors so I run a mount and display phone on every bike to show #people how well they hold up,” he says. 

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