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aprile 29, 2016 - Nike

Designed to transform

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The #nikelab Transform Jacket is the latest innovation to deliver on this multipurpose promise. The silhouette features a convertible design that seamlessly and efficiently adapts to changing weather environments via an intelligent strap and storage system. In doing so, it eliminates the need for multiple layers, which often result in awkward bulk and heat.

The jacket features two layers: a water-resistant woven shell connected by straps to a lightweight, warm #nike Tech Fleece liner. When not needed, the shell can be worn as a backpack. Alternatively, it can be stored in the back pocket of the liner, which is large enough to disperse the volume of the packed shell, promoting a streamlined look. 

“Both jackets can be worn individually and function on their own,” explains Kurt Parker, #nike Vice President of Apparel Design. “But the beauty lies in how the two layers work together to create a highly functional performance solution.”

Converting the jacket from two layers to one requires removing the shell and pulling on the front straps to initiate the packing. To put the shell back on, the wearer removes it from the pocket and pulls down the back strap. #nike Flywire, a staple innovation in footwear, lines the shell to give it shape, which allows the wearer to easily access the sleeves. 

Nike sees #sport as a way of life, which is why transformative properties underlie a number of Nike’s most experimental designs. From the Air Force 1 Hi to the #nike Pocket Knife to the #nike Studio Wrap, #nike designers have been incorporating multiple utilities into singular designs for more than 30 years.


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