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august 22, 2016 - Land Rover

Digital ‘Defender Journeys’ records most memorable trips in Land Rover’s iconic off-roader

  • Online platform allows people to plot treasured journeys on a digital map and upload their pictures and films as part of the Series Land Rover and #defender legacy
  • Almost 400 journeys have been recorded, from wedding proposals under the stars, to 18-month expeditions through Africa
  • Online archive an inspiration for Land Rover engineers and designers working on New Defender

Until now, these accounts have been consigned to family photo albums, or simply passed down through generations. Now that production of the current #defender has ended, and as Land Rover continues to develop the New #defender, it is embarking on an ambitious project: to digitally archive the most memorable journeys ever undertaken in a Series Land Rover or #defender.

Defender Journeys, which launched in January to coincide with the end of current #defender production, has already had almost 400 journeys uploaded to the site, from family ski trips through the French Alps, to intense expeditions through Africa covering thousands of miles.