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maggio 20, 2017 - Red Bull

Lexi Thompson SEAL Legacy Foundation Jump

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Lexi Thompson sky dives into her Pro-Am tee time with the SEAL Legacy Foundation members in Williamsbug, VA USA, on 17 May 2017.

LPGA star #lexithompson has always been a vocal supporter of the US military.  Today, she did a freefall from 10,000 feet into her noon Pro-Am tee time at Kingsmill Championship in Williamsburg, VA with retired Navy SEALs and a member of the Red Bull Air Force to announce her new partnership with the SEAL Legacy Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to providing support to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs.

Feel free to embed this Facebook video from Lexi’s page that chronicles the jump.  Attached are a few photos as well, courtesy redbull.com/LexiSEALJump.

For background, she started off at a hangar in Williamsburg, got into her jumpsuit and went through full jump and safety training with retired SEAL and Tandem Master Larry Barbiero and members of Frog-X Parachute Team.

“We go through every detail, from gearing up to body positioning, sitting in the plane, how we move to and through the exit, through free fall and the landing,” said Barbiero. “Everything is scripted.”

Lexi got into the King Air airplane along with the Frog-X Parachute team and Sean MacCormac, member of the Red Bull Air Force, and tandem jumped with Barbiero from 10,000 feet.

After the jump, Lexi noted, “I won’t be so nervous on the first tee anymore after that jump.”

A deeper feature video on her relationship with the Seal Legacy Foundation will be available in a few days as well.

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