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maggio 16, 2017 - Red Bull

Neymar Jr’s Five: Blind Trust

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See if Brazilian star can hit target whilst wearing blindfold in latest video.

The 2017 edition of Neymar Jr’s Five is happening all around the world at the moment with some finals completed across six continents and over 50 countries.

Brazilian side #anjosdebola won the hotly contested 2016 World Final and the quality is high again this year in the fun, fast and technical tournament.

Barcelona forward #neymarjr is keen to help players as much as possible in their quest to qualify for this year's World Final in his home country of Brazil.

In his latest video, he enlists the help of friends Gil, Gustavo, Joao and Jo to emphasise how much trust underpins a great team ethic in a winning side.

They wear blindfolds to put their faith in each other to the test as they seek to score a goal with spoken instructions.

About Neymar Jr’s Five
Neymar Jr’s Five is the Brazilian forward’s signature football tournament – and a truly global phenomenon. Across six continents and more than 50 countries, five-a-side teams battle it out in 10-minute matches with a twist. Every time one team scores, the opposition loses a player, which makes it fast, technical, tactical – and unique in the world of football. More than 65,000 players from 47 countries signed up to play in 2016 and the 2017 #competition is now underway. The teams will set out with the hope of making it all the way from the qualifiers, to their national final and on to the World Final in July 2017, at the Instituto Projeto #neymarjr in Praia Grande, Brazil.

About Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr
The Instituto Projeto #neymarjr (INJr), a private and non-profit association dedicated to social causes, is an educational & sports complex at Jardim Gloria, Praia Grande, which assists 2.470 children in need, aged from 7 to 14 years old and their families. Currently, 10 thousand #people are impacted by the work done there.

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