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aprile 19, 2017 - Red Bull

MacAskill's wheels of fortune

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Scot surprised his two-wheel stunts are watched by tens of millions of #people.

On this exact day, April 19, in 2009, a young Danny MacAskill and his friend Dave Sowerby clicked 'upload' on a YouTube video titled 'Inspired Bicycles'. The rest is history. 

The career defining video of his two-wheeled stunts became an instant internet sensation and have been viewed the world over. He didn't stop there and his most popular offering, the seven-minute Imaginate, has been watched by 65 million #people and counting. 

But the softly spoken Brit says he never sets out to pick up such a global audience and each time the clicks escalate, he is blown away by the popularity of what he does.

“I find the whole idea that these videos go viral very strange,” he admitted. “By the time it goes online, I don’t have expectations. I’m not thinking or hoping for millions of views or massive feedback.

“It’s nice to get feedback from the #mountainbike scene and around the world but I’m always hugely surprised how the videos go especially as we don’t follow the rules of viral making videos.

“We’ll often have long intros where we’re not even on the bike for the first up to like a minute. That’s a no go from video marketing point of view.”

His most recent offering, Wee Day Out, which dates back five months, has already been viewed on YouTube nearly eight million times, a slapstick insight into what he gets up to on a day off. 

And for that and every other clip he's produced he’s pushing the boundaries as much as humanly possible.

“It’s about progressing my riding to places not been to before but it’s also about coming up with an idea and bringing my whole idea to life,” he explained.

“Films tend to be a series of these types of tricks. Whether on the more epic side, 60-foot front flips into the sea or back flips onto rooves and buildings or rolling down a hill on top of a haybale or riding through a six-foot puddle.

“They’re all ideas I’ve had and they’re all satisfying in different ways. Some are a lot more stressful than others." 

A keen watcher of downhill #mountainbike competitions, for all his apparent skill on two wheels, MacAskill has never really been one for out-and-out #competition despite dipping his toe in it in his native Scotland in the past.

“Years ago, I competed in smaller trials competitions in Scotland but the #competition side hasn’t really appealed to me as I'm not that competitive,” he said. 

“I don’t enjoy if I have a bad day in #competition, I don’t enjoy that feeling. I always preferred coming with an idea, working at it until it works or it doesn’t. I prefer the kind of more creative stuff, coming up with something that seems impossible but you try it enough that you somehow land it in the end.”

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