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aprile 11, 2017 - Red Bull

Welcome to Skatejöring

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Watch EC Red Bull Salzburg ice hockey star Schiechl launch cool #wintersport.

You may have heard of #scandinavianskijoring (vehicle towing a skier behind), but there’s a chance you will not have seen Skatejöring (vehicle towing a skater behind) until now!

Players from ice hockey team EC Red Bull Salzburg hooked up with Wings for Life's Austrian Ambassador Reini Sampl to try it out back in February.

Rally raid biker Matthias Walkner also joined to watch the fun fresh from his second place behind Sam Sunderland in the 2017 Dakar Rally.

Usually in Skijöring the skier races on two skis like 2015’s Red Bull Twitch ’n’ Ride in Latvia, but not in this case as EC Red Bull Salzburg ice hockey forward Michael Schiechl put on his skates.

Within minutes the car driver Matthias Trattnig and Schiechl turned the outdoors ice track into their very own playground to highlight the coolest fresh sport this past winter.

“While turning you get insanely fast, but our captain is a reliable driver so it was a lot of fun!” said Schiechl about his first Skatejöring experience.

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