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febbraio 28, 2017 - Red Bull

Marcel Hirscher blog: St.Moritz

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Exclusive blog from the Austrian after dominating the World Championships.

Hi guys!

What a World Championships, what a medal haul! Two gold and one silver – a dream! It is all the more incredible considering the cold I had in the first week of the World Championships and the effect that had on me afterwards. We came to St. Moritz first and foremost to compete in my specialist disciplines slalom and giant slalom, so it is an incredible feeling to have won gold in both these events. 

But it is not just the medals which make these World Championships so special for me – it is also those little moments you never forget. For example, when the Austrian national anthem was played at the medal ceremony on Sunday. That was the first time that I really had the chance to think about everything that has happened in the last weeks. Or, for example, when my team and I got together to talk about whether we should abandon our plans for me to compete in the Alpine Combined because of the cold I was suffering from. We were even thinking about going home to Austria and then coming back to St. Moritz in order to be in top shape for my specialist disciplines.

The feeling of satisfaction is even bigger if, after deciding to take a risk and push on through, you end up with three medals. That is one of the reasons why I am so grateful for having the chance to do and achieve all these things with my team. I never forget that my team and all the #people around me are a key element to my success. Results like those we have achieved in St. Moritz are only possible if everybody is 100% committed.

After winning silver in the Alpine Combined, I was pleased that our plans had worked out as we wanted. After gold in the giant slalom the pressure was suddenly gone. I thought: even if I give everything in the slalom and I don’t get a medal, then it’s not so bad after all – I am already a world champion ; ) In the slalom this thought gave me the relaxed attitude I needed to give absolutely everything on both runs. The result was a second gold medal and the realisation that the Marcel Hirscher who  competes in the World Cup and the Marcel Hirscher who wants to win World Championship medals are two different athletes. The first one must make sure that he gets down to the bottom in order to collect points in every race. The second one would rather give everything and risk not making it through to the finish line instead of finishing fourth – podium or nothing, I suppose you could say!

My teammates Roli Leitinger in the giant slalom and Manuel Feller in the slalom seem to have followed a similar approach – and they were rewarded with a silver medal each. I was so happy for both of them – particularly for Manuel, whose back hurt so much the day before that he could hardly walk. 20 hours later he put in two great runs to take silver – respect!

After such an intense couple of weeks in St. Moritz with such a great medal haul, I am pretty exhausted. The celebrations will have to wait until the end of the season. I will take a break for two or three days before I start preparing for the final World Cup races in two weeks in Kranjska Gora, where my aim is again to collect as many points as possible. After that we will see where we are in the World Cup overall standings as well as in the standings for giant slalom and slalom.

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