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febbraio 18, 2017 - Red Bull

World first in-game POV

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Watch unique clip direct from an EC Red Bull Salzburg ice hockey match.

Ice hockey is one of the fastest and toughest global sports with players reaching speeds of over 45kph in their pursuit of the elusive puck.

Not only that, they have to endure hard body hits which can often measure over 1,000 pounds of force.

In a world first Austrian defender Alexander Pallestrang, who is the last line of defence before the goalkeeper, has worn an On-Body Cam (aka Jersey Cam) to highlight the exciting, frenetic nature of this daredevil sport.

POV cameras have been used in America’s NHL on referees in games and players in practice, however never on a player in a competitive game.

Follow the 6 around the rink as he helps set up a goal, the first one ever made in a competitive game by a player wearing the On-Body POV Cam.

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