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gennaio 30, 2017 - Red Bull

Freeskiing's back to the future

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Top freeskiers retrace and relive the history of the sport in colourful montage.
Some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders have converged on #aspen once more for the latest instalment of the #xgames this weekend, which on its Twitter handle prides itself on “spreading the shred since 1995”.
But the discipline of freeskiing comfortably predates that time and some of the likely stars of the latest #xgames have joined forces to celebrate the history of freeskiing from its infancy to the cutting-edge, high-skilled modern day.
Billing itself as Generations of Freeskiing, the 30-minute documentary pays homage to the forefathers of the discipline from the open jackets and headbands of 1976 to today on top of Austria’s Stubai Glacier and the latest manoeuvres on two skis.
In between, there is the yellow peril of the costumes used back in 1985, bright pink and big jumps in 1990, followed by hip hop and high rails in the late 1990s before a cooler, calmer vibe awash with a cacophony of jumps and big turns in quick succession in 2002.
Five years later in a clip which replicates the style, sounds and ski moves of every generation bring viewers to more rails, posing and expression - akin to performance art.
By 2012, it’s bigger jumps, reverse turns and skiing in sequence, while in 2014 the backdrop is urban, a smattering of snow used for some moves, the surface for others being shipping containers and metal racks.
And the film reaches its finale in the modern day filmed from a GoPro as would-be skiers from the past decades glide down the slopes as one to the backdrop of Awolnation’s “I Am” for which the chorus is “all of these things may be who I am”, the chorus a fitting soundtrack to a sport that, as the film shows, has undergone evolution over the generations as much as revolution.
The cast list reads like a who’s who of skiers, including among its star ski turns #benemayr, #viktorarebensburg, #lisazimmerman, #markvanroy, #henrikwindstedt, #roykittler, #nickgoepper and #jespertjader among others. With them lies the current generation of free skiing.
Generations of Freeskiing premieres on January 26, 2017, as free Video on Demand on Red Bull TV!

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