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novembre 18, 2016 - Red Bull

La Liste: Jérémie Heitz

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Swiss Skier takes on 11 near-vertical Alpine mountain faces in documentary.

As to-do lists go, Jérémie Heitz’s is nothing if not #extreme.

The 27-year-old skier, in a vintage nod to the forefathers of #extreme skiing, set about to tackle 15 mountain faces in the Alps of 50 degrees or more.

His spellbinding and visually spectacular film, La Liste, plots the course of whether he achieves a seeming mission impossible while interviewing such luminaries of the sport as Sylvain Saudan, often referred to as “the father of #extreme skiing” and “skier of the impossible”, and even skiing one mountain 50 years after Saudan had done so.

The gravity-defying footage ranges from him falling dramatically and watching one of his skis race down the mountain face to the grand finale of coming down the 4,000-metre peak Obergabelhorn in the Swiss Alps, which is akin to coming over the top of a cliff edge.

It is skiing most of his peers admit they could not do. One says: “He’s fit, he’s super fast and super motivated - three things that combine together and have one of the most talented skiers in the world.”

On every occasion, Heitz comes down the faces at break-neck speed such is his approach to #extreme skiing on a mission he first plotted in October 2014 and spanned the last 18 months. In 2015, he ticked off five from his list, and managed to tackle a further 6 in 2016. 

Unsurprisingly for the daredevil, his motto is “never saying no to new adventures” while his life philosophy is “enjoy your time at 200%”, aptly summed up in the 40-minute long La Liste.

As for his own motivation for the lengthy project, he says: “I am really impressed about what #extreme skiers did back in the day with the old equipment. It’s a strong inspiration for me only something that makes me want to push further.”

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