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agosto 29, 2016 - Nissan

Henry, the "Emotional Environmentalist"

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Six-year old Henry Marr wants to save the world. His passion for the earth and conservation was fueled this past spring when he watched a video at school about pollution. Henry was so upset that he broke down in the car when his mom picked him up from school. Allie Hall, Henry's mom, caught it all with her camera and then posted a video to Facebook for family and friends. But more than his family and friends were interested in what he had to say.

Henry's video received millions of views. Since, he's been embracing his newfound fame and working to do his part, to help the environment.

Henry has since written a book called "Enjoy the Planet, Don't Wreck It." He also patrols his neighborhood park, Littler Mountain Park, picking up litter and watching out for those not taking care of the earth. If he sees a "naughty person" he blows his whistle.

When #nissan came across Henry's video, the company wanted to show this boy that there are people and companies that do care about the environment too.

In August, #nissan wrapped a Nissan LEAF in Henry's artwork and delivered the car to his home – so that the family could drive smog-free and show Henry what electrical vehicles are all about. When #nissan delivered the #leaf to the family in Mount Vernon, Washington, it was a complete surprise to Henry. The family will be charging the #leaf at their home, a public charging station up the street from where they live and at the husband's office (an electric utility). They live in the Pacific Northwest corridor of charging stations.

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