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giugno 18, 2016 - Red Bull

Julius Brink: “A great show and the best advertising!” Olympic champion impressed by the smart Major Hamburg

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In a short interview, Julius Brink, German 2012 Olympic Champion, explains his experience at a Swatch Major Series 2016 stop and why he believes #hamburg was an ideal location for beach volleyball.

How would you summarize your week at the smart Major Hamburg? What are your most memorable moments and where do you see potential?

Julius Brink: “As soon as I heard that Rothenbaum, #hamburg would be the first tournament of the Swatch Major Series, I was thrilled! Of course we were lucky with the weather and the week had everything that makes this #sport #event so sexy and attractive. Drama, parties, suspense, sweat, tears and fantastic rallies from the world’s best players. The smart Major #hamburg was great fun and is just a taste of what is to come this season. In my opinion, the momentum of this tournament and its success must be maintained. For the next few years the #event must be continuously developed into something bigger and better.”

What did you think about the #hamburg crowd?

JB: “The large crowd earlier in the week by the side courts, proved that the locals from #hamburg knew sporting quality when they saw it and will continue to appreciate it. The atmosphere inside the Center Court was already sensational on Thursday – and I don’t need to say anything about Saturday. Well maybe just one word: goosebumps!”

The Olympic Games are nearing and the smart Major #hamburg offered the players the first opportunity to test out their #competition. After a long day, who are your favorites to win a medal in Rio and which teams do you think are most likely to follow in the footsteps of Jonas Reckermann and yourself?

JB: “The teams that were convincing in #hamburg, will represent themselves in Rio. Naturally there are always surprises at large-scale events. In the coming few weeks at the next tournaments of the Swatch Major Series in Poreč, Gstaad, and Klagenfurt, little changes will happen and rankings will be swapped. In all, we got a taste of what will come as an idea of who will be our successors!”

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