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giugno 02, 2016 - Red Bull

Skater Fynn rules the Royal Albert Hall

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Tommy Fynn has been crowned 2016 Red Bull Hold The Line with The Royal Albert Hall winner, following an intense final round which saw the Kiwi-born skater steal the edge over some of the world’s best skaters.

Having qualified into the top 10 (out of 35) after seven heats, Fynn claimed first place by holding a crazy line which consisted of a 360 Kickflip Fs Lipslide on the rail, followed by a Kickflip over the electricity box, before rounding it off with a show-stopping 360 Kickflip Noseslide down the hubba.

Judges awarded Fynn with a high score of 68.50 out of 100; ahead of Holland’s #douwemacare (63.50), and French skater #aureliengiraud (61.17) who placed third.

When asked about what it meant to win, #tommyfynn replied: “It’s feels amazing. I was stoked to skate the contest, so to win is an unbelievable feeling. The #competition was so tough. Everyone was so good and absolutely killed it. It was awesome to see everyone pushing each other to do harder tricks. I can’t believe we got to skate at the Royal Albert Hall.  To be here and skate on Royal ground is incredible. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

 Making its UK debut, Red Bull Hold The Line took place on the iconic Queen Elizabeth II steps of The Royal Albert Hall, a landmark in the heart of the city, which is normally off limits to skateboarders.

The 35 skaters had limited time to skate the best line down the course with each of their lines scored by international judges. Points were only scored if three tricks were landed in a row on the entire course. 

Final Results:

1. Tommy Fynn

2. Douwe Macare

3. Aurelien Giraud

4. Maxim Habanec

5. Denny Pham

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