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Who are Neymar Jr’s favorite superheroes?

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At only 24, he's one of the best football players on the planet. It’s no surprise to see the Brazilian superstar still is a child at heart and keeps a list of his favorite superheroes.

1. Batman
A true classic. Batman would appear in most people's list of top superheroes. How could we not like him? One of the only super heroes without a super powers, in the end he's just a man, but with an amazing will power, conviction and genius.

2. Spiderman
Peter Benjamin Parker can cling to almost any surface, has incredible strength and is definitely a lot more agile than humans – as the name suggests in fact, the capacities of a spider, in a human body, just without the eight eyes and legs. That can definitely come in handy in a football match.

3. The Flash
Of course a player like #neymarjr would have The Flash in his favorite super heroes. It's easy to understand how someone who's super power is lightning-fast speed can be an inspiration for the star footballer.

4. Superman
An iconic superhero: the good guy, fighting evil, complete with red cape and one of the most recognisable logos ever. He works with selfless, righteous goals for the greater good.

5. The Hulk
The Hulk is on the list for his legendary strength.

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