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aprile 18, 2016 - Red Bull

Neymar’s pre-match rituals

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The truth about the Brazilian superstar’s habits ahead of a game.

1. Talking to his father – Neymar is a true family guy, and the relationship with his father is particularly important to him: “I always call my father, to talk before the game,” he says of his number one pre-match ritual.

2. Listening to music – Just like many other athletes, Neymar likes to listen to a few tunes to get in the zone, which helps him prepare mentally for action.

3. Pray – The 24-year-old never forgets to take a moment to practise his religious beliefs, and to thank God before he goes on the field, asking for protection and help during each game.

4. Go to the bathroom – As close to a sports god as he might be, Neymar is only human: he never misses a visit to the men’s room before a match. 

5. Post a photo – #neymarjr is a pretty connected guy, so he always posts a photo on his social media feed to make sure he stays up to date with his fans around the world.

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