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aprile 06, 2016 - Red Bull

Neymar - "I put my family first"

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At only 24 years old, Neymar is one of the best-known football players on the planet. He is an inspiration to players and non-players alike, but who does he look up to?

A lot of people look up to Neymar. But who inspires him?

Neymar Jr:

I will not name them all one by one because my whole family comes in first place. I put my family on top. My dad, my mom, my sister and my son. They together with all my friends are the persons who inspire me, who encourage me, who make me believe in my potential and help me to focus on my purposes and are by my side every day.

In second place come my teammates. Some of them inspire me, such as Messi, Robinho, Suárez, and Iniesta. These are players I see in training.

In third place, I love music, so I have some friends in music who inspire me. Some of them I have never met in person but I am a big fan, such as a Brazilian singer called Thiaguinho and Justin Bieber, for example.

Fourth, I am also a big fan of some actors for their great performances in movies and for being great men in real life too, like Will Smith. He is a guy I admire very much.

And then, fifth is God who has the command over everything, who makes me live, who makes me believe I can make my dreams come true, who gives me strength and health to keep working and being inspired by these great people.

In the following clip, two of his best friends are guessing who is in his top 5 to see if they know him as well as they think…

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