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december 24, 2016 - Red Bull

Ian Walsh's dreamscape

Hawaiian surfer's latest film, Distance between Dreams, hits your screens.

At the end of the road where big-wave surfer Ian Walsh lives in Maui is the notorious #surf break Jaws.

Jaws, along with Ian and his three brothers, is the star of the latest in ‘The Unrideables’ film series, Distance between Dreams, as the cameras follow the siblings on a tumultuous winter in Hawaii following an El Niño weather pattern.

It is a #surf break that swallows up and spits out surfers with venom and in numbers, and the Walsh family are no strangers to the perils of the season.

Over the course of a season, state-of-the-art cinematography and captivating sound are on offer as the crew get unprecedented access to Ian, Shaun, DK and Luke on their occasionally treacherous journey.

Ian's motto is to be ready for a big wave - however big - on any given day, so he and his brothers punish themselves in the gym to ensure they are physically ready but also pore over weather patterns and talk at length of the perils to ensure they are also mentally prepared for what he warns in the teaser trailer “could be the craziest winter of your life”.

With Jaws as a neighbour and having studied meteorology for a time after leaving high school, Ian is better versed than most of the requirements of tackling waves as big as 80 foot in the Hawaiian waters where he grew up.

His love affair with the water began as early as he can remember, first tackling the big waves as a young teenager, the ethos always being that the bigger the better.

Regarded as one of the world’s best exponents of the discipline, Ian is on a perpetual mission for the biggest swell of his lifetime, the hope for him and his surfing brothers that the cameras plot exactly that over a period of weeks last winter.

He asked himself if there is a wave that’s too big, a question to which he has yet to find the answer but his job and obsession is to get his body and mind ready for whatever the Pacific Ocean throws at him.

Follow him on his visually spectacular journey of preparing for the big waves, the twists, turns and tumbles of tackling them, and the celebrations and commiserations that follow.

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