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april 20, 2016 - Red Bull

Can they make it? Yes they can…

One week, 398,157 km and 16,036 traded cans later, the Red Bull Can You Make It? teams have arrived in Paris without using cash or personal phones, but only Red Bull cans as their currency.

157 of the 165 teams who took off from five starting points in Europe a week ago made it to the City of Light on time. From building a temporary house out of a cardboard box to showering in a waterfall, these 500 students have shown great resilience and team spirit. Getting a ride in a helicopter or exchanging a few cans for a wind surfing session on Lake Garda are just some of the highlights they ticked off the adventure list.

In total, 35 different means of transport were used for this edition of Red Bull Can You Make It?, including commercial flights, helicopters, bicycles, speedboats and their own feet. The teams crossed 20 countries, stopping at the six compulsory checkpoints before reaching the finish line.  

Cans were traded for skydiving, paragliding, indoor surfing, snowboarding, car rentals and five star hotels. But participants also had to sleep on the floor or hitchhike for hours in the rain before anyone would pick them up.

“We met some amazing #people on the way, it’s incredible how far you can go with just cans and some charm,” said the winning team Feel Alive from Estonia (580 points). “It was a tough week but we made it, awesome journey.”

“You never knew what would happen next. We went from a five star hotel to sleeping on a cardboard box in a parking lot,” said Team Wauw from Belgium, who finished second with 555 points.

Team USU (USA) finished third overall with 550 points and scored first place in the adventure challenge category.

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